Our Mission & History

Our mission is to provide food, clothing, and resources to Anoka County residents in need while maintaining the dignity of those we serve.

Where We’ve Been

ACBC Food Shelf was founded in 1971 by four women who wanted to help with the need for food and clothing in their community. They founded ACBC Food Shelf in one of their basements and packed bags of food to distribute to community members.

ACBC Food Shelf has undergone a remarkable evolution since our founding. Initially, we operated out of a small space in the old Milk Factory, distributing pre-packaged boxes of food to those in need. As the need for our services became increasingly clear, and with the support of our community, we transitioned to our current location on 9th Ave N. in Anoka. This move allowed us to expand our operations, offer in-person shopping, and enhanced our ability to serve our community more effectively.

Who We Are

ACBC Food Shelf was founded as a source of hope and support for people facing challenging times in Anoka County. We are a collective of dedicated staff, volunteers, and community partners, all driven by the belief that access to basic necessities is a fundamental right. Our approach goes beyond temporary relief– we aim to guide individuals and families toward a brighter, more secure future.

Where We Are Now

Today, ACBC Food Shelf has open boundaries for people seeking assistance. In addition to Anoka County, the food shelf provides food, clothing, and resources to the surrounding communities as well. Thanks to several capital campaign expansions, our facility now boasts a large warehouse, walk-in freezer, cooler, and dedicated donation sorting room. We’ve been able to adopt a client-choice model, offering participants the dignity of choosing their groceries as they would in a regular store.

Our commitment to promoting healthy eating and supporting our participants led to our certification as a SuperShelf in 2019. To prepare food shelves to reopen to in-person shopping during the pandemic, ACBC partnered with SuperShelf once again in 2021. As a result of participant feedback and the SuperShelf partnership, we were one of the first food shelves in the Twin Cities area to reopen to in-person shopping. The SuperShelf transformations were in partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension Program aimed at transforming our physical space and food selection to encourage healthier choices.

In January 2022, ACBC became the first food shelf in the state to partner with the Minnesota Department of Health to offer the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) to eligible seniors aged 60 and older. This partnership addresses food insecurity among seniors, providing them with necessary nutritional support, with the primary goal of addressing senior hunger in Anoka County.

Where We’re Going

As we adapt to the changing needs of our community and statewide, our focus remains on empowering individuals and families, promoting healthy lifestyles, and contributing to a stronger, more resilient community. With the continued support of our volunteers, donors, and partners, we are excited about the future and the additional ways we can serve and uplift our neighbors.

Looking forward, our focus is on several key initiatives aimed at improving support for families and individuals in need:

Increasing Accessibility

We're planning to add more appointments and incorporate cutting-edge technology to serve families more efficiently. This will help us process information quicker, reduce wait times, and tackle language barriers - ensuring broader access to food and other essentials.

Enhancing Our Shopping Experience

Our goal is to improve the experience for both shoppers and volunteers. This not only creates a better environment for everyone involved but also supports the sustainability of our services.

Expanding Our Thrift Store

By opening our thrift store to the public, projected for Fall 2024, we aim to provide more shopping options for families. At the same time, we will continue offering free clothing vouchers to anyone coming in for food shelf visits, ensuring those in need have access to essential clothing.
Food delivery machine

Expanding Food Distribution

We're focusing on expanding our delivery services within the community, particularly aiming to provide fresh produce and food to underserved populations in Anoka County.
Sourcing More Support ACBC

Sourcing More Support

Accessing additional opportunities to secure more food and financial donations is a priority. This effort is vital to address the growing number of people seeking assistance in our community.

Get In Touch

Whether you're seeking assistance, donating, or eager to volunteer, ACBC Food Shelf welcomes you. If you need services or wish to contribute to our mission, please reach out.

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