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The ACBC Thrift Store is open, with a food shopping appointment, Monday through Thursday. Please see the hours below for specific schedules, including additional hours open to the public.

Our thrift store is stocked with a selection of items for women, men, and children, including socks, underwear, and shoes. In addition to essential clothing, our shelves often carry books and small household items.

Shop The ACBC Thrift Store Today

If you or someone you know needs clothing, the ACBC Thrift Store is here to help. We offer a selection of clothing for women, men, and children, including shoes, socks, and underwear. If you’re interested in volunteering or have additional questions about the thrift store, please reach out.

ACBC Thrift Store Hours

The Thrift Store is open to the public (no appointment necessary) from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and Friday. To schedule an appointment to shop in the Food Shelf Market

or call 763-422-0046
Appointments can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance

Our Selection

We understand the importance of having access to affordable clothing and footwear. That's why our thrift store is dedicated to offering basics for the entire family:

Women’s Clothing

From casual wear to work attire, our selection caters to various styles and sizes.

Men’s Clothing

Find everything from shirts and pants to outerwear.

Kids’ Clothes

Durable, comfortable clothing that keeps up with your kids.

Socks and Underwear

Essential basics for everyone.


A range of footwear for adults and children.

Household Items

Small household items are available, including towels, linens, blankets, and more.

Looking for Our Food Shelf Market?

For those in need of food assistance, the ACBC Food Shelf Market offers a choice-based shopping experience. Individuals and families can select from a wide array of fresh produce, pantry staples, proteins, and more. Our food shelf is committed to providing access to the essentials that everyone needs. Discover more about the Food Shelf Market and how it supports our mission to nourish and empower our community.

Your Donations Make a Difference

The heart of ACBC Thrift Store beats strongly thanks to the kindness and generosity of our community. Each donation you make supports our mission to provide essential clothing and support to our community. Your contributions help us to keep our racks filled with a variety of clothing and household items, ensure our shopping environment is welcoming and accessible, and allow us to continue offering much-needed assistance to individuals and families.

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