Interested in your group or organization partnering with ACBC?  We are always looking for groups willing to host food drives for us!  We can provide you with flyers and signage to help publicize your event, brochures about ACBC Food Shelf, and we can coordinate dropping off or picking up collections.  Please email for more information, or call 763-422-0046.

The Anoka County Brotherhood Council Inc. is dependent on donations of food, clothing, and monetary support from the community, food drives and fundraisers from students, church groups, and other organizations. Our volunteers are individuals and couples who work at the ACBC Store and donate hundreds of hours of their time. The Brotherhood Council (763-422-0046) would welcome a call to discuss the possibilities such as the following:

  • Grant for monthly financial support
  • Sorting clothing, cleaning or straightening shelves
  • Helping store crews during client time
  • Trucking, picking up orders, stocking
  • Acting as liaison between the ACBC and your congregation by acting as a representative
  • Contributing food, clothing, or monetary support

Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you have any questions or are interested in any program, please contact Breanne, at or fill out the online application.

Store Hours – We are also always looking for more volunteers to help with our food shelf hours.  We have times during the afternoon and evenings.

Aug 16 - store produce

ACBC Delivery for Home-bound Seniors –  ACBC delivers food shelf orders and social connection to home-bound seniors.  We are looking for volunteers to come in once a month, for about 1 hour a day.  Volunteers are more than welcome to take on multiple deliveries on multiple days.  Delivery days are Monday morning and afternoon, Tuesday evening, and Wednesday morning and afternoon.
Donation Intake – We are looking for a volunteer who can assist with taking in food and clothing donations during our busiest times on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9 am – 11 am.
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Interested In Volunteering?

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, click here to download our application.
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